EXCLUSIV – Jim Beaver back on Set of Supernatural!

It might have been the the most closely guarded secret on Supernatural ever! While sending fans on a wild goose chase pretending to do a movie with the working title “Abominable Snowman” Jim Beaver was in fact on the set of Supernatural! He and Jim Michaels deserve an Academy Award for pulling this stunt. Tweeting back and forth about the progress of the movie and how much Jim Beaver is missed on set, yada, yada, yada. And Jim Beaver showering us with pictures of arctical origin! According to this conversation on twitter nothing is like it seems. How in the world could the guys keep a straight face? I’m thankful that the fans are not being pissed but relieved to have Jim Beaver back on the set of Supernatural. Which means another light at the end of the tunnel after Misha Collins’ reappearance on the show!

written by Gaby Eichberger, 04/31/2012

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