Roswell New Mexico – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

by angelinchains

It was a warm summer night. Above, the stars twinkled in a cloudless sky, but the rough sea announced a storm.

„Are you thinking about home again?“ asked Alex. He had been watching Michael for some time now. Sometimes his husband would look up at the stars and then let his gaze drift to the sea. He was oddly silent tonight.

To leave no doubt about his question, Alex added, „Your home, up there, somewhere beneath the stars….“

Before Alex could continue speaking, Michael sealed his lips with a kiss. Instinctively, the two wrapped their arms around their bodies. And before they knew what was happening, they were hovering two handbreadths above the ground. Michael’s abilities continued to develop. He had known for a few days that he could now levitate. However, he had not mentioned it to Alex, who only noticed it when he broke the kiss to come up for air.

„Michael, what? How?“ asked Alex, astounded.

„I have no idea. It started a few days ago. I was trying to get something off the top shelf in the lab. I was too lazy to get a ladder, though. And instead of letting the thing fall into my arms, I was suddenly eye level with it.“

Closely embraced, the two drifted back onto the beach. They remained like that until Michael broke away from the embrace. Alex’s radar was pinging like crazy. He decided not to keep guessing but said, „Spit it out.“

Mich raised an eyebrow, „What do you mean?“

„Don’t act innocent, Michael. I can hear the wheels clicking in your head. This is our second night in Hawaii. It’s our honeymoon, and you’re pulling a face like I’m leading you straight to the scaffold. Do you have second thoughts? Do you regret… our marriage?“

The hint of panic in Alex’s voice was unmistakable.

„No, of course not. And after what happened, I don’t want to wake up another day without you by my side….“

„But?“ asked Alex, lowering his gaze.

Michael fussed. He had no idea how to break it to Alex. With tears in his eyes, he finally gathered all his courage and said, „I’m the happiest man… alien… ah, shit, you know what I mean. You are everything I wished for, but somehow it’s not enough for me.“

Alex’s head jerked up, their gazes locked.

„I’m not enough for you? I get it. It’s supposed to be our honeymoon together, but if you’re that yearning, please call her. She can get on the next plane….“

„Who are you talking about?“


„Alex, I, no, I didn’t mean it like that.“

„Then you want to hook up with a call boy?“

Although Michael tried to keep a straight face, the corners of his mouth began to twitch.

„You think that’s funny?“ Alex was at his wit’s end.

Michael chuckled, „I’m not looking for a threesome with Maria or anyone else. What I’m talking about is the next level in our relationship.“

„If you’re going to tell me about sex on the astral plane, I’m out.“

Michael snorted. It took him some time to get himself together again. Alex didn’t know whether to laugh along or cry. Finally, Michael forced himself to stop laughing.

He huffed a breath before saying, „I am talking about Kids, Alex. I want to have a kid with you or two. The more, the merrier.“

Alex’s eyes grew darker than they already were, „You’re serious, aren’t you?“

„Couldn’t be more serious than that.“

„Then let’s do it,“ Alex said.

„Just like that? You have no objections, no reason why we shouldn’t do it?“ Michael was a little surprised.

„Why should I? It would be great to have some mini versions of ourselves running around the house, wouldn’t it?“

Michael could hardly believe his luck and pulled Alex close to him. „Then we have a deal?“

„Deal,“ Alex replied, grinning from ear to ear and leaning forward.

But Michael put a forefinger over his husband’s mouth, „I still see one problem, though. Without help, I don’t think we will make it.“

„What, you can’t get pregnant? What kind of alien are you?“ Alex quipped, then he gave Michael a tender kiss.

The two couldn’t care less about the increasing wind, the lightning and the thunder.

„I can’t wait until our honeymoon is over,“ Michael murmured into the kiss.

“ Why?“

„Because I know who will support us in our endeavor.“

„Are you talking about a surrogate?“

„I have no idea yet how or if it’s going to work, but I have no doubt that Liz and Kyle may know something that we don’t or have an idea….“


„Yes, Alex?“

„Shut up and kiss me.“


Picture digital generated
Picture digitally generated

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