Hawaii Five-0 Season X – Blessing Ceremony

Like last year the traditional Blessing Ceremony for the upcoming Season 10 takes place in the Film-Studios on the stage that’s prepared as the H50’s main office. Lots of familiar faces from cast and crew were there, including McGarrett’s beloved dog Eddie. Here’s the recording of Hawaii-News-Now Live Video, enjoy! If you like you can leave a comment in our comment section. Note: we are proud of the quality, friendliness, and respectfulness of our community. All comments will be reviewed! (Picture courtesy of H50CBS)

Blessing ceremony underway for Hawaii Five-0

#LIVE: A blessing ceremony is being held for the start of filming for season 10 of Hawaii Five-0! #H50

Gepostet von Hawaii News Now am Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2019

Cast and crew members of „Hawaii Five-0“ marked the 10th anniversary of the show with a blessing and the first day of filming.
Video by Rosemarie Bernardo and Craig T. Kojima / rbernardo@staradvertiser.com and ckojima@staradvertiser.com