The Season Of Evan Williams

The Season Of Evan Williams

written by G.E. 10.09.2022 (Title picture courtesy Lola Miche)

He is a man of many talents, from his profession of acting to his passion for music and writing and composing his own songs. The enthusiasm with which he talks about all these things is contagious, just like the sympathetic smile. The best proof of this is his latest interview for StarryMag. It makes you want to slouch in front of the screen and listen to him for hours. Impressed. Not only by his engaging personality and the calmness he radiates but also by the workload he manages seemingly effortlessly.

Without the slightest hint of arrogance, as known from some interview partners with such a busy schedule, Evan talks about his work on a new series, a new album and the two films that will be released in September.

Currently, Evan resides in Ontario, where he is filming a new series, The Way Home, produced by the Hallmark Channel. As Evan notes, it is a rather unusual, even not unprecedented, format for this channel. The series follows the lives of three generations of women in a single family with a time travel curveball thrown in.

You can read more about the series and Evan’s role in it here: DEADLINE The Way Home: Evan Williams Cast In Hallmark Channel Series

Lellis Reibeiro

The pivotal point of the interview, however, is Evan’s new film Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis. The film follows the trail of Meriwether Lewis, an American explorer, soldier, politician and public administrator whose death remains a mystery to this day. In this compelling film, director and screenwriter Clark Richey attempts to reappraise these events and put them in a new light. Though the plot is merely based on speculation, it paints a bleak picture of the events and the people involved, full of contradictions. We think any fan of murder mysteries will get their fix here. This film also offers a feast for the eyes from the cinematographic aspect. Which is no surprise. Writer/director Clark Richey brought together an award-winning cast and crew, including John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard), Sonny Marinelli (Entourage), aside from Evan Williams (Versailles) as Lewis. It has already won the 2022 Gasparilla International Film Festival Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature.

In the series Versaille, Evan portrayed a real character. This role follows suit. In Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis, he holds the title role. If he’d already shone as a charming manipulator with a penchant for self-destructive behavior as Philippe’s (Alexander Vlahos) lover, Chevalier De Lorraine, he undoubtedly slips on the role as well as Meriwether Lewis.

It obviously has a certain appeal for Evan to impersonate real characters. After all, it involves more responsibility and the portrayal of authenticity. Authencity, something that neither he nor his partner Alexander Vlahos can be denied in the series Versailles, regarding the fact that the two embodied a multifaceted pair of lovers, in the truest sense of these words.

Mysterious Circumstances hits theaters in the U.S. this week. We hope the film will one day find its way across the pond to a broader audience. 

Trailer – Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis

Another film Evan is involved with is BLONDE. It will be released on Netflix on September 28, 2022, and as the title suggests, it’s about a famous blonde or, better, THE famous blonde: Marilyn Monroe. It is one of those films that divides critics and audiences alike. According to IndieWire, it has made waves with rumors of NC-17-rated sex scenes and the physical transformation of No Time to Die Bond girl de Armas into silver screen legend Monroe. The NC-17 rumors are true, as Netflix has confirmed the film’s rating due to some sexual content. Participants at this year’s 79th Venice Biennale, where the film premiered on September 8, got the first glimpse of it. The audience apparently liked it, as they rewarded it with 14-minute standing ovations.

BLONDE – Official Trailer NETFLIX

Last but not least, let’s talk about Evan’s musical-visual solo project Bright World and his musical future in general.

While I sit here with a glass of Mateus and write, I hear Evan’s music. He offers a wide range of songs. He speaks so lovingly about them as if they were his children. Not surprisingly, they spring from his state of mind, and things that he has experienced or that move him. What writing is for me, songwriting is for Evan. While I hung up my musical career after a few concerts at the Vienna Hilton because it was actually more my father’s dream than my own, Evan thankfully never did. He has remained true to himself and his music to this day. Road trip mood on sunny days or profound lyrics on rainy, cold autumn days … you name it, and Evan delivers. Everyone will find what they are looking for in his songs.

As if he didn’t have enough on his plate, he’s working on another album ‚on the side.‘ How does the man do that? Does he, unlike the rest of us, don’t need any sleep? Someday I’ll ask him that in person.

Picture courtesy of Bright World – Evan Williams
Picture courtesy of Bright World – Evan Williams

If you want to know how Evan combines songwriting and hot yoga, don’t miss the video interview for StarryMag. We gonna declare it a MUST WATCH! Likewise, if you want to know why vinyl is on the rise again and media like CDs can’t keep up. Let’s say there’s nothing better than old school.

In any case, fans have a lot to look forward to. By the way, he and Alex are planning a collab for a movie that Alex will direct. Not much is known about it yet. But Alex revealed that he and Evan have been sitting on it for the past few months, working on storyboards and talking to producers…

With such cozy prospects, winter can’t get cold enough. Until we meet again, Gabby

Evan’s Interview with StarryMag

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