Versailles Convention – A Royal Reunion 2023
Versailles Convention – A Royal Reunion 2023

Versailles Convention – A Royal Reunion 2023

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Having attended over 30 conventions over several years, I can claim to be a con veteran. I’m just addicted to catching up with other fans about our favorite series and talking to the actors involved. After more than five years of forced hiatus, due in part to Corona, I was more than looking forward to this event.

It brought me to Paris for the first time, and I made this trip with a special friend I met at a Supernatural convention in 2009.

You’re welcome to read about how I got involved with the Versailles series in the first place HERE.

The fact is that I’ve grown very fond of the series and its cast, in part because of the Let’s Hang in the Castle event last December, which was also organized by Nevastalgia.

But nothing and no one could prepare me for this emotional roller coaster ride that we all jumped on – actors and fans alike. It was by far the best convention EVER for me. The only bitter aftertaste left by the event was that it would be the last convention of its kind, even though next year marks the 10th anniversary of the start of the series.

Alexander Vlahos, who played Philippe so wonderfully in the series, has already announced a podcast special. Each podcast will be dedicated to an episode of the series. He also plans to invite various guests to talk about it. What a bloody brilliant idea.

It could only be topped if an organizer can be found who would be willing to give this anniversary a stage so that fans and actors can celebrate together.

But back to the Royal Reunion. This convention exceeded everything I and many others had hoped for. There were many funny moments, but also, somewhere, there wasn’t a dry eye in the hall.

And on Sunday, I had to take a little time out because it had really brought me to my emotional limits. But I met with understanding everywhere, especially with Alexander. And I’d like to thank him very much for that.

After several conversations during and after the convention, I know how much this event has given to the fans and the actors. To use the words of Supernatural fandom, Family doesn’t end with blood.

And that became abundantly clear at this extraordinary convention because #VersaillesFamily isn’t just a term you read about on social media. It really exists. And we’re all proud to be a part of it.

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