Happy 40th Birthday – Alex & Scott!

Hi Alex, Hi Scott,

Welcome to your personal Birthday-Zone. The site is dedicated to the both of you.

We are @H50Europe, located in Vienna, Austria. One of our goals was/is to gather fans from all over the world for this special occasion. All of us adore what you do. Thank you for your efforts and the hard work you put not only into Hawaii Five-0 but in what you do as actors (writers, producers, etc.) in general.

The other goal is to raise awareness for all the charity activities you guys are involved with. No matter if it’s Taylor’s Gift or A Walk On Water or any other project you’re supporting; it means a lot to us that you are using your celeb status to spread the word. Believe it or not, you guys are making a difference!

We are really looking forward to Hawaii-Five 0, season 7 (hopefully some more seasons) and are curious what else you might have in the pipeline. Stay as you are, keep up your tremendous work and thanks for being a true inspiration.

We are wishing you both a very Happy Birthday and send tons of love and appreciation your way and hope you can spend some quality time with your families and friends though you are being busy shooting the upcoming episodes.

Last but not least, more personal messages from all over the world: