Happy 40th Birthday – Alex & Scott!

Hi Alex, Hi Scott,

Welcome to your personal Birthday-Zone. The site is dedicated to the both of you.

We are @H50Europe, located in Vienna, Austria. One of our goals was/is to gather fans from all over the world for this special occasion. All of us adore what you do. Thank you for your efforts and the hard work you put not only into Hawaii Five-0 but in what you do as actors (writers, producers, etc.) in general.

The other goal is to raise awareness for all the charity activities you guys are involved with. No matter if it’s Taylor’s Gift or A Walk On Water or any other project you’re supporting; it means a lot to us that you are using your celeb status to spread the word. Believe it or not, you guys are making a difference!

We are really looking forward to Hawaii-Five 0, season 7 (hopefully some more seasons) and are curious what else you might have in the pipeline. Stay as you are, keep up your tremendous work and thanks for being a true inspiration.

We are wishing you both a very Happy Birthday and send tons of love and appreciation your way and hope you can spend some quality time with your families and friends though you are being busy shooting the upcoming episodes.

Last but not least, more personal messages from all over the world:





    Hi nice guys!We wish you a great happy birthday from HAWAII FIVE-0 ITALIA!This day 24 August is so sad for us…:(….but we want to say you THANKS for all beautiful emotions you give us <3 A BIG HUG!!! :* :*

  2. Helma

    Dear Alex and Scott Happy Birthday to both of you. Enjoy your day with family and friends. Thanks for all you are doing for H5O and all your good causes. .Aloha from Holland Helma

  3. Samantha Perez

    Happy Birthday Alex and Scott
    I can’t wait for the next season of Hawaii Five O

    Y’all are awesome

  4. Deanna Miller

    Happy Birthday Scott and Alex!!! I hope you guys are having a blast!!! Awesome way to celebrate your birthday by being in Hawaii!!!

  5. Kim

    Wishing both Alex & Scott the happiest of birthdays filled with love
    I would also like to thank you both for filling my life with lots of sun, fun & laughter from Hawaii!!
    Loadsa Luv
    Kim, England.

  6. Alessandra

    Alex and Scott,Happy birthday from Italy 🙂 May your special day be filled with joy, love and Aloha. All my love 😉💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🎂🎂🎂🎂🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁😚😚😚😚👍👍👍👍‘ 👍👍

  7. lmk66

    Hey Scott and Alex…I hope you both have wonderful 40th birthdays! May the next 40 years bring you even more health, wealth and happiness!!

  8. Kelly Bittle

    Happy Birthday Alex and Scott and thank you for all the joy you have brought us fans by being so very awesome at your job! May you have continued good health and bright futures! Alex you share a birthday with my husband, but I think he has a few years on you, lol.

  9. Sabrina

    Hi great guys, wish you from France a very HAPPY birthday with a lot of love, joy and happiness 🎁🎂🎉😍😍😍

  10. Catherine Dinsmore

    Happy Birthday Scott & Alex may your 40th birthdays be special filled with happiness and lots of love 🎈🎁🎂🎉🎈

  11. Magda

    Happy Birthday from Sweden!!! Now that you’re 29+ just continue being as wonderful as you are, and may life come with new surprises! <3

  12. Edda Jansen

    Hi Scott, Hi Alex, I want wish both of you a happy birthday and a beautiful day and all the best for the future from Germany. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!

  13. Laetitia

    Happy BDay to Alex and Scott. Hope you enjoy your 40. Keep making us dream. Kiss from France

  14. Swati Limaye (@swatisl71)

    Happy 40th Birthday Scott and Alex!! May you have a wonderful day celebrating with your family and friends. Have a great day.🎂

  15. Michèle DEL AGUILA

    Happy Birthday Scott ! Happy Birthday Alex ! Enjoy them with your friends and families. You’ll feel very well being 40 years old, as you’ll do being 50, …or almost 57 🙂 Trust me on that one ! Thank you for your talent and your kindness. Kisses from France to both of you

  16. Sophia (sophxoxoxoxoxox)

    Happy birthday Alex and Scott. Hope you both have an anazing day! You guys make Hawaii five o the best TV show in the world. X

  17. Angeles Rodriguez

    Happy birthday Alex and Scott . I hope you enjoy your day with your friends and family. I wish you for this new year…. health, love and success in your careers.
    Kisses from Spain.

  18. Ellen

    Happy Birthday! More success in you’re career, family and home. Keep doing what you do so well. You’re making your fans happy. God bless.

  19. Nada

    Aloha! I wish you Scott and Alex a wonderful 40° birthday with your family and friends!Many kisses and a BIG HUG from Italy! 🙂 :*

  20. Humanheartbeat6 (Axel)

    Hello Alex, hello Scott! I just wanted to wish you a happy 40th birthday 🙂 Don’t ever think you are getting old and enjoy your day! Thanks for the amazing work you’re doing on Hawaii Five-0 and continue to be the wonderful, talented and kind actors you are!

  21. Tina from Atlanta

    Hey Guys! Hope you both have a Happy 40th! (You’ve almost caught up to me😉) Wishing you both a long and successful career.
    Keep Rolling!!

  22. Sarah

    Happy birthday to you, Alex and Scott! Enjoy your special day with family and friends.
    Thank you for all the great hours of television you have given me so far. And also, thank you for giving me a new goal in life: „travel to Hawaii“!
    All the best wishes from Belgium!

  23. Magali Batteux

    40 kiss pour Scott et Alex vivement de vous voir dans la saison 7 ici en Belgique!
    Mon rêve serait de vous rencontrer et voir une journee de tournage….mais la Belgique est loin d’d’Hawaii et donc merci Internet, instagram et facebook
    Gros gros bisous de la Belgique 💖💖💖💖🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁😉😙🌴👌👍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  24. Cedara

    Happy B-Day Greetings from Germany!

    Hope you have a perfect day and always a friend around when you need one.

  25. Kim (@alexolsen24)

    Hi Alex and Scott! I wish you both Happy Birthdays and hope your birthdays are special and memorable! Thanks for putting so much of yourselves into an awesome show. i love H50 and I love you guys! Never change and never let the business change you! Thanks for all that you do for us fans! Happy Birthday guys!

  26. Teresa

    Alex and Scott Os congratulations on his birthday! Thank you very much for all these years of joy and laughter that you have given us! You are wonderful!

  27. Raquel

    Alex Scott wish you a happy birthday from Barcelona! I hope you pase is as good as us watching Hawaii Five-0. Thank you very much for these 6 wonderful years. You are the best! Many kisses

  28. Malia-Kapaliele (@thytegaby)

    Aloha Alex ! A very special birthday for a very special person 😘😘 happy 40th birthday Alex 💙💙💙
    Hi Scott ! Happy 40th birthday Scott 😘😘
    Have the magic and fantastic day you both deserved 😘😘😘💕💕💕
    Welcome to the „club 40“ guys !! 👏👏 you’ll see it’s not so bad 😂😂😂😂😉😉😉
    Hugs and kisses from France
    Marie-Gabrielle 💙💙💙💙

  29. Annadie

    Hey Alex and Scott

    Happy birthday and welcome to the naughty 40’s 😃
    Love and blessings from South Africa ☀️🍷🏄🏻

  30. Trey Dawson

    Happy Birthday Alex and Scott!!! Love the show and the hard work y’all put into it. Hope y’all have a great one! Birthday Blessings from Japan!!

  31. Barbela

    Happy Birthday both of you! I love you two soooo much! Can’t wait to watch Season 7!
    Alex & Scott I love you forever~!

  32. Sue

    Have a great 40th Birthday Alex and Scott. Enjoy August 23rd and 24th together and with your families.

  33. jan

    Aloha Alex And Scott..I wish the both of you a very Happy 40th Birthday..I have a huge obsession with you Alex..<3 Iam excited to see season 7 and you boys back on my tube..Love u guys and the show <3
    Happy Birthday..Enjoy your special day with loved ones and lots of pressies <3
    You Fan for all time
    Jan S

  34. Petra (@chrissyBJ1962)

    Happy Birthday Scott and Happy Birthday Alex! I wish you all the best! Thank you both for your great work as actor…. love you both….greetings from Petra from Germany. 🙂

  35. Valerie

    Alex and Scott, You two are both wonderful entertainers! You make us laugh, cry, and everything in between. Best wishes to you both for your 40th birthday and always!

  36. Suzelle

    Dear Alex & Scott, I wish a very happy birthday to both of you. May you spend this special day with your loved ones (both friends & family) & may you receive a lot of happiness and positive things 🙂

  37. lucy

    Happy Birthday to you both.Hope the world for you and your families.Much Love From Tennessee.And Alex can’t wait to see you in movies!!!!

  38. Teresa

    Happy Birthday to you both, Alex and Scott I hope you enjoy your days. Have a wonderful year.
    From Vancouver,BC Canada!!!

  39. May Hunter

    Happy birthday Alex & Scott – hopeyou both have a good one! Lots of love from Glasgow, Scotland xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  40. Jamie @gazergirl


  41. Claire (@ditzy_diva)

    Scott and Alex, wishing you both a very happy 40th birthday. I hope you have a great day and can celebrate with those you love. Thank you for bringing the characters of Danny and Steve in Hawaii 5-0 to life, I have made several good friends in the fandom because of the shared enjoyment of the show. Best wishes for season 7.

  42. maryjerebic


  43. PEGGY S

    Happy Birthday, Alex and Scott. We Virgos have to stick together. I will be celebrating the same week as you. Hope your days are filled with happiness, love and family! Always remember, age is just a number and neither of you look, or act, your number!! BIG HUGS ALL AROUND!

  44. Rosa

    Querido Alex solo unas palabras para desearte un gratificante cumpleaños junto a tu familia y amigos. Besos y abrazos de mi parte😘😘😘😘
    Querido Scott que pases un Feliz cumpleaños y vigila que los 40 son un peligro jajajaja

  45. Susan Schoppe

    Happy Birthday Alex & Scott. I hope this year is the best ever for you both. Alex we have the same Birth Date!

  46. Donna

    HI Alex and Scott

    I wanted to wish you both a happy 40th birthday with many more to come. Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep us entertained.



  47. Ann M Bauer

    Happy birthday to you both! Thank you for H50 ~ your friendship with each other shines on the show. Hope you have a super birthday!!

  48. Diana

    Happy Birthday Alex and Scott, may you both have many more great birthdays to come 🙂

  49. Anja heeren

    Dear Scott and Alex
    Have both a nice 40th birthday🎉🎉
    Lots of love and kisses xx
    Great Hawaii Five-0 fan from Holland
    Greetings Anja Heeren

  50. Lainie Kantrowitz

    Scott and Alex…I wish you both wonderful new adventures as you celebrate this milestone birthday! May your next 40 years bring you even more health, wealth and happiness! Thank you for bringing joy and mirth into our homes every Friday night (and a little eye candy too 😎)….your fan Lainie K (lmk66)

  51. Peggy ( @KeithsVamp )

    Hi Alex…♥ Hi Scott .♥ …Congratulations on your birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and this may be the beginning of a year full of love, joy and happiness. Stay strong, stay positive, and may all your dreams come true. Best wishes always 🙂 A very happy birthday from the other end of the world…. Hugs & Kisses from Germany …♥

  52. MaluhiaVirginie

    Aloha Scott & Alex !!

    Happy Birthday…Joyeux Anniversaire ….Hau’oli La Hanau ……to both of you 🙂

    This week you will have both 40 years old….don’t believe that !!!

    Mahalo nui loa for all you give us with this amazing Ohana that is Hawaii Five-0 !! I wish you more seasons of Hawaii Five-0 and I can say, for all the fans, we are excited to see the season 7 !!!!! Great job guys !!

    Vive #McDanno !!! Vive #HawaiiFive0 & vive la #five0hana !!!

    PS : Love you guys 😉

    Virginie from France

    ( @MaluhiaVirginie & @Hawaii50Fr on Twitter )

  53. Béatrice Corbaz

    Pour Alex et Scott
    Je vous souhaite un merveilleux anniversaire que la suite ne soit que bonheur joie et amour pour vous et vos familles passez une merveilleuse journée d’anniversaire. Ne vous envoie plein de gros bisounours 😘😘🎂🎂 depuis la Suisse

  54. Kristine blackman

    Happy birthday alex & scott from australia and many more to come have a great day

  55. Betti

    Happy birthday Alex and Scott!!
    Hope you have an amazing day with family, friends and loved ones!
    Keep up the great #H50 work!! I love and appreciate the effort, love, dedication and work you put into this awesome show!
    Sending much love from Sydney, Australia!! Betti Xx

  56. Cheryl Moreland

    Happy birthday Alex and Scott! Embrace the 40th year as I know you both deserve much happiness and love on your soecial day. Thank you for sharing your love of acting on Hawaii Five-O and I wish you both much more success! Mahalo for sharing your birthday💓💓

  57. Gail Lessard

    Happy Birthday, Alex. I’ve enjoyed all of your work through the years. So happy you’ve enjoyed success beyond measure with H50. You’ve brought McGarrett to life in such a creative and innovative way. I have an enormous crush on Steve. Happy 40th with love. May blessings follow you the entirety of your career. Happy Birthday Scott. Thanks for bringing Detective Danny Williams to life. He’s been a huge asset for Steve. You play the loving father perfectly. Hope your day is special and blessed. Enjoy the beginning of your forties. Create lifelong memories. Love you guys. Love the show. Aloha! Gail Lessard from Alabama

  58. Glenna

    To both Alex and Scott
    Have the best birthday ever
    enjoy and celebrate
    Happy 40th Birthday and many many many many more.
    Glenna From Rhode Island USA

  59. Katrina R

    Hi Alex and Scott I just wanted to wish you both a very very Happy Birthday, lots of happiness. Thank you for every thing that you have done for your fans! ☺

  60. Yen

    Happy Birth Day to Alex O’loughlin and Scott Caan. You are both my inspiration of human morals and beauty of intensive work out and thrive for the perfection.

  61. Deborah DeLuca

    Dearest Alex, Dearest Scott,
    Hau oli la hanau!
    May this greeting find you both in the best of health and happiness as you embark on this new decade of your lives.
    May you each have 10,000 birthdays each better than the last!
    Thank you for all your hard work on the very best show on TV!
    Sincerest regards from your #1 fan, Deb D. @DrDebD

  62. Ocean

    To birthday boys Alex and Scott,
    You two make 40 look hot!
    Bromance and action,
    Complete satisfaction,
    We fans adore you a lot!

  63. Agneta (@HippoBat)

    Grattis på födelsedagen Scott!
    Grattis på födelsedagen Alex!
    I hope you both have wonderful birthdays, and celebrate with friends and family!
    Hugs to you both from Sweden.

  64. Melanie Steiner

    Happy Happy Birthday Alex and Scott!!! 😃 You are both so awesome and I love you very much!!! 😁💗 Keep up the great work!!! 🙂 Your fan from Austria, Melanie 😊

  65. Michaela (mcdanno39)

    Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Caan and Mr. O’Loughlin:) hope you Enjoy it with your Families and Friends. Also all the best for season 7 and Mahalo for all these moments you gave us:)

  66. Dina

    Hello Alex and Scott! and Happy Birthday! I am sure you will get many well wishes from your fans. I enjoy your work in the show and your other ventures as well. You both are terrific actors, and role models , I am sure your best role is as ‚dad‘ and I wish you all a fantastic day with your family and friends.

  67. Bryna Jones aka Becoming_bryna

    Hau oli la hanau and happy birthday from Dallas Texas. God bless you and enjoy!!!!

  68. Eileen mcdonnell

    Alex and Scott hello from Dublin ireland
    Just wanted to wish you both a very happy
    40th birthday I hope you both Get all u
    Wish for. Ye have made us fans so happy
    With your acting on H50 it really is something to
    Look forward to each wk long may it continue
    Love you both so much lots of love eileen xx

  69. Karen C (@Huntress62)

    Happy Birthday Scott and Alex! May the coming year bring you everything you want and need, and may you have nothing but true happiness. And a big thank you for constantly entertaining us with your talents.

  70. Linda

    Happy Birthday Alex and Scott!!! Hope you both have a great day with your families and friends. Thanks for all the hard work you do so we get entertain each week!!

  71. Ronnette Hedgepeth

    Wishing you both nothing but the best ! Happy Birthday from North Carolina XO

  72. Bénédicte

    Hi Alex and Scott,
    I wish you both a very happy birthday from Belgium
    Thank you for your work and the good times that you let us go with Hawaii 5-0.
    I wish you both the best for the future and don’t change.
    Mahalo 🙂

  73. Karen Dritto

    Dear Alex, Dear Scott,

    Happy 40th Birthday to you both. May you be blessed with much love, happiness and success this coming year. Thank you for all your charitable work and for all your hard work, dedication and devotion to the best show on TV! Enjoy your special day!! 🎉🎁🎂 Much love, Karen

  74. Guida Pereira

    Happy 40th Birthday Scott! Big hug!
    Happy 40th Birthday Alex! I wish you with all my heart all the best: a lot of health, peace and love! Big hug!

  75. Amy

    Dear Scott and Alex,
    Wishing you guys a great and joyous Birthday. God bless and many more blessings to come.

  76. Karen (@kverwin)

    Dear Scott and Alex: Just want to wish the both of you a very Happy Birthday. Hope you both have a wonderful birthday. I also want to thank the both of you for all the hard and amazing work that you do. Wish you both all the happiness. Aloha

  77. Sharon

    I hope you both have wonderful birthdays. You’re the best Friday night dates I’ve ever had. 💋💋

  78. Lynnette (jlopie1)

    Happy Birthday, Scott! Happy Birthday, Alex! May your 40th birthdays be joyful, fun and relaxing! You’re starting a new decade in your lives — may it be the best yet!

  79. Rhonda Sorrow

    Alex & Scott, I wish you both a very happy 40th Birthday! I wish you love, peace, health & happiness now & always!

  80. Priscilla Starkey

    Alex & Scott have very very happy 40th birthday you both only look like you’re only 35. Love you both.

  81. Manu

    Alex and Scott, Buon Compleanno from Italy 🙂 May your special day be filled with joy, love and Aloha. All my love Manu

  82. jennifer o'shea

    happy birthday to Alex and scott 😀 wish you lots of happiness and memories in the future.

  83. angèle (@angelealias)

    Alex and Scott, on the occasion of this wonderful day, I wish you both, a Wonderful & Happy Birthday. Also, I want to thank you for all the joy, laughter and emotions that you offer us every week since 6 years.

  84. Linda Stein (@LindaStein1)

    Hi Alex…… Hi Scott. I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you both get to spend your day with your lovely ladies and all your beautiful children and with your friends doing all the things you love to do. Thank you for all the enjoyment you’ve both given me with H50 and all your other projects as well. Looking forward to seeing much more in the future! Happy Birthday!

  85. Silvia

    From the beginning of Hawaii Five-0 (2010) my appreciation for you, Scott Caan and you, Alex O‘Loughlin continually grew. At first, it was the appeal of a well-made TV show that spiked my interest. But the longer I watched, the more I was fascinated by the main characters. As artists, as impressing personalities and especially as celebs supporting those in need (as well as great causes) you have earned the admiration given to you by your fans. I am one of them and wish you both a happy birthday!

    „May you live
    as long as you want,
    and never want
    as long as you live.
    May the saddest day
    of your future
    be no worse than
    the happiest day
    of your past.“
    (Irish Blessing)

  86. Magali

    Happy birthday a Alex et Scott from Belgium. Gros bisous à toute les deux moi c’est happy birthday 22 août 1977…. 😉💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🎂🎂🎂🎂🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁😚😚😚😚👍👍👍👍‘ 👍👍

  87. Mary (@erienne1983)

    Alex and Scott, I want to wish you both a truly happy birthday, lots of happiness and everything your heart desires. Thank you so much for all the emotions and joy you give me!

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