Dear Alex, dear Scott!

Like last year, @H50Europe is uniting fans from all over the world to wish the two of you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We hope you find some spare time to celebrate with your friends and loved ones despite the ongoing filming of season 8.

Furthermore, we are sending tons of love and appreciation your way. Thank you, guys, for all the hard work, the endless hours on set, and the love you share for the fans. Throughout the years, we saw a lot of happy faces on photos and videos from fans that crossed your paths. We want to show you our respect/support and give something back with this Birthday message board.


Before you start with the fun please note

  • all comments are screened which means that your post won't appear on the message board immediately.
  • we don't accept nicknames that inherit O'Loughlin or Caan
  • things like personal attacks, spamming, excessive self-promotion, condescending pomposity, general assiness, racism, sexism, etc. will get you BANNED from the party as will creating multiple accounts, actor abuse along with any other trollish behavior
  • all comments should be in ENGLISH, please

You can also show your appreciation for Alex and Scott by donating to their favorite projects:
Alex: TAYLOR's GIFT (Organ Donation) - SCOTT: A WALK ON WATER (Surf Therapy)

This site is dedicated to Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan in honor of their 41st Birthday. Share your Birthday wishes with the rest of the fandom and with fans from all over the world. Show your favorite character(s) your appreciation and put a smile on their face. You can wish Alex or Scot or both a Happy Birthday. You can also add smilies to your messages. Uploading pictures is not possible. (Link to last year's BDay project)